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Source: getty

The Internet Is Mourning The Death Of The Last Northern White Male Rhino


After watching the movie Annihilation, I've been feeling pretty spaced-out when it comes to our species as a whole. Sure, I still get upset when someone cuts me off in traffic, and itis moments like that, and others, like waiting in line at Walmart to buy plastic Easter Eggs for my son, where the absurdity of our existence we set up for ourselves really comes into focus.

I just feel like animals have a better handle on things than human beings do. Elephants mourn their dead way more passionately than humans do, dogs are way more loyal than any human being could ever be, and to top it all off, you never get the feeling that an animal wishes it could be something other than the animal it is.

What I mean is, although I don't claim to know what a mouse is thinking or feeling, you never see a mouse act like a lion or climb up a tree and pretend to fly like a bird. But human beings, like myself, pretend to be things we're not all the time.