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People Love This Mom Who Hopped On A Plane Because Her Kid Had A Cold



This story about the lengths a mom will got to to care for her kid is the antidote to cynicism we need right now.

Writer Grace Li was talking to her mom on the phone; according to Buzzfeed, Li lives in Harlem and her mom lives in Texas. 

Li told her mother, Shixia Huang, that she'd been feeling under the weather, and had a headache. Her mom told her she'd see Li soon, and hopped on a plane. For real:

Huang works as a cancer researcher, so it's not like she didn't have important stuff to do at home. But she told Buzzfeed that when she checked, flights were surprisingly cheap. And she was worried about her kid! She's a mom!

"I was at work on Friday afternoon planning to work late that evening. Around 4:30, I got a message from Grace telling me that she felt sick," said Huang. "I called her and she told me that she had this headache and we also chatted about her day and her weekend plans. I felt that the headache was a bit unusual and that she missed home."

This simple story is warming all out Internet-calloused hearts. People are calling it "the sweetest thing ever" and we have to agree.

Huang took care of Li all weekend.

It wasn't a huge journey, but it was a huge gesture:

Also, she made sure Li got checked out. Moms worry.

And she made sure her daughter would have food and care when she left, too.

Honestly, both of Li's parents seem pretty rad:

But no one can get over how awesome Huang was in her kid's moment of need:

Li also says her mom cleaned her kitchen and even organized the cabinets. Wow. 

While I can't imagine my mom going that far, this does make me want to call her.

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