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These Rom Com Faces Are The Most Sizzling Looks From Movies

These Rom Com Faces Are The Most Sizzling Looks From Movies
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Updated 4 months ago

Entertainment Weekly featured some of the cast of teen drama Dawson's Creek. The important ones anyway, and that includes bad boy Pacey Witter, who stole many a young person's heart through the television set on a weekly basis.

Writer Alanna Bennett wrote a short ode to Pacey on Twitter, saying how hard it was to lose your heart to someone who doesn't actually exist. We've all done it.

She was especially moved by how he would...look at a girl.

It's the "look" of all rom com leads. When they turn, stare at their heart's desire, and just let her know she's the one. With their eyes.

Maybe it's not something you've articulated to yourself, but if you watch rom coms, you know the look. And so do rom com creators—they even talk about it in Sweet Home Alabama, as someone pointed out.

People began sharing all their favorites *looks* from movie and TV history:

Is it getting hot in here?

Or is it just all these leading men?

Smoking us with their eyes?

Get this thread a glass of water, because it is THIRSTY.

But, women can also deliver the Look:

All you need to do, is really, really want someone. Or be great at pretending you do. Keep stealing our hearts with a look, because it hurts so good.

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