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No One Can Believe This Uber Eats Driver's Obscene Messages About Salad



The app life is putting every day customers in contact with such a wide range of workers; people who will carry you food in their cars if you pay them the delivery surcharge. Thank you, Uber Eats, for making us all so accessible to each other. It leads to conversations like this one between twitter user Jocelyn Gladwin and some guy delivering her salad:

This man seems very confused, and also mad at salad. Yet, she's expected to tip and rate him.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

So, what should she rate?

There are some consequences to posting the number of a volatile Uber driver online:

She denies some of these accusations:

There are people saying the entire exchange is fake:

But most are wondering if she ate the salad:

Some offered some recommendations for what she should do in response:

All I'll say is, if this guy is real, I would definitely not want him touching my salad.

There are two types of cab drivers: those who talk to you from the moment you get into the car and those who don't say a word, even if you strike up a conversation with them.

I'm the kind of person who doesn't really mind talking to a cabbie. I'd imagine that passing the time while driving around all day can be a challenge. And if you're transporting humans to different for hours on end, I'd like to think that you generally like people.

That being said, I totally get people who would prefer that their cab driver stay completely silent, because almost every single one of us has had a strange interaction with a driver who's been a total weirdo.

Women, especially, attract some creepy Uber drivers who definitely violate the user agreement, like this lady who accidentally left her wallet in a guy's car

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