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Source: Instagram

Artist Takes An Ordinary Banana And Makes It Into A Work Of Art


Some works of art are so inspired they deserve their own museum, or at the very least, their own exhibit. I mean, how in the world would we know about the greatness of da Vinci or Warhol if people hadn't taken a chance in showcasing their work?

There are spaces for everything these days, from creative cupcakes to breakup mementos, and there's an audience for all kinds of work as well. I mean, I wouldn't be making art and being flown to different countries to exhibit it if there wasn't a market for this kind of very specific work.

Stephan Brusche is an artist with a very specific speciality. He told Bored Panda that he started drawing on bananas as an idea for an Instagram post, but found it so enjoyable, he just kept making and posting his peel drawings. And they got better and better.