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Source: Twitter

This Mom Would Not Believe She Had The Wrong Number Without A FaceTime Call

By Aimee Lutkin

Old people and technology mix together just about as well as oil and water, which is to say not very well at all. In fact, there are entire groups dedicated to making fun of how absurd their encounters with old people online are. Plus, we cover a lot of them on this site ourselves.

I'm not sure if the age gap is the only thing at fault for their absolute disconnect with tech culture, but it definitely doesn't seem to help anyone's case at all. I mean, texting with punctuation and all caps is one things, but some people manage to go way overboard.

Moms and technology gone wrong may be my favorite genre of Twitter, but this story may be the best one yet. It's more the story of a mom who knows what she's doing with her phone, but is struggling with reality.

Twitter user @thesheidashow shared what appears to be an entirely real conversation she had with a woman who messaged her with what looks like photos of stitches. Kind of an unpleasant surprise! She tried her best to tell this woman that is in fact NOT her son Dorian. But Dorian's mom would not believe it: