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This Guy Rocked A Cat Lunch Box At Work After His 10-Year-Old Cousin Was Bullied

By Mustafa Gatollari

Growing up, I had a thing for colorful clothing. I always wanted shirts with flowers on them, or there were even articles of clothing for girls that I wanted to wear. Heck, there are still some gorgeous patterns on women's clothing that I wish came in a men's cut.

I was pretty much always ridiculed by my older brother and cousins and my father for liking "girly things" and quickly learned that I needed to pretend to be someone I was not in order to avoid being made fun of or getting in trouble. Couple that with the fact that I was constantly being made fun of for my name and immigrant family, and school wasn't really all that fun for me.

I know my experience isn't unique and there are plenty of children who felt like I did, and I'm not blaming anyone for the way they treated me, but it would've been really, really nice to have someone I identified with when I was younger who wouldn't judge me for the harmless things I liked. I had that with some family members (Uncle Gaf, and Aunt Didi, here's looking at you), but it would've been pretty great to have more of that in my life.