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9-Year-Old Girl Comes Up With Brilliant Comic Captions Every Single Time

9-Year-Old Girl Comes Up With Brilliant Comic Captions Every Single Time
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4 months ago

I feel like kids are naturally entertaining and always see the truth of a situation - and they aren't afraid to go right for it.

If a dinner party is boring, it's usually not because the kids can't understand the idiosyncrasies of your conversation about Bed Bath & Beyond's latest towel sale, it's because that conversation about towel sales is lame. And a kid will almost always point that out.

Kids really have an instinct for this kind of stuff, as do great comedians. They will exploit everything in their situation and the situation around them to keep themselves entertained, and sadly, a lot of adults train that instinct out of them by having them go in a "proper" direction instead of channeling it. Which is a shame.

But there are some kids who have that creativity and silliness fostered by their parents, or are strong-willed enough to just go ahead and satisfy that need on their own. Whatever the case is with the 9-year-old-niece of professional writer Bess Kalb, there's no denying the kid's got some real talent.

Talent that Kalb showed off on Twitter when she snapped some photos of the hilarious captions that little Alice came up with these New Yorker comic contests.

Seriously, these are pretty amazing and if you've ever seen New Yorker comics, it's not hard to imagine any of these not working in the publication.

Just simple, pure, honest-to-goodness, comedy.

I love the idea that there's a man with supernatural abilities who waits for planes to pass by just to tell pilots this.

Alice has been a huge fan of captioning the comics for a while. She snatches the magazines up before her mom gets a chance to look at them so she can fill them up with jokes.

I mean come on, these are freaking great. And a NINE YEAR OLD WROTE THEM.

When you find a good restaurant, right?

Kalb showed her niece some of the positive reactions people were having to her work - the young girl was thrilled.

She's so obsessed with figuring out the perfect caption that she asked for a bunch of New Yorker cartoons with their captions whited out so she could fill in her own.

Kalb reiterated just how floored she was by her niece's talent, and plenty of people agreed.

While others pointed out what makes her jokes work so well.

Kalb is already thinking of the title for Alice's published collection of these masterpieces.

Definitely no better title than that.

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