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Source: Urban Outfitters

Woman Orders 'Puffer' Jacket Online And It Wasn't What She Expected


You don't always get what you want when you order something online. Just ask these people. For some reason, clothing just looks ten times better online — we guess this is what happens when you can't feel the fabric, or you know, try on the item beforehand. Either way, sometimes there is no excuse for how far from the online image the product you actually receive is. Like, get it, we're not a model, but these pants should not be coming up past my ankles. And don't get us started on international sizing, and how you can go from being a medium to an extra, extra large in a blink of an eye. However, once you get over the frustration and accept how ridiculous you look in the mirror, it's actually pretty funny. And isn't that why free returns exist in the first place? 

Anyways, Twitter user Becky Latham from the United Kingdom may be the latest victim of inaccurate photos, after she decided to order an Urban Outfitters jacket. It's gets cold outside and you need something extra warm so we can totally understand why she opted for not your regular puffer jacket but  the surplus puffer jacket — vintage of course. 

Here's the jacket in question, which looked like a bargain considering it was on sale for £55 ($77). 

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Source: Urban Outfitters / Twitter