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Source: tripadvisor

This Wedding Venue Is 'Mortified' About Calling Bride-To-Be 'Cow' By Mistake


Life is full of moments where you want to stab yourself in the neck out of embarrassment. Getting caught saying something behind someone's back is one of them. Like when you're talking smack about a person via text and accidentally send that text to the person you're talking smack about.

Not cool. But the good news is that, since you're talking with a friend, you can either hash that stuff out and go back to enabling each other's bad behaviors or stop being friends entirely.

But if you get caught doing that when you're a business in the customer service industry that relies on having a good reputation with clients, then getting caught bad-mouthing people you shouldn't be bad-mouthing can be a big, big problem.

Which is reportedly what happened with The Mulberry Tree restaurant when Jade Sharp checked the venue out while she was planning her wedding.