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Teen Came Up With A Creative Way To Listen To Music In Class After Phones Were Banned

Teen Came Up With A Creative Way To Listen To Music In Class After Phones Were Banned
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2 months ago

I could never listen to music and work at the same time, unless it's some kind of mindless activity.

But my sister loves blasting music while she's studying or doing her work in medical school and that just boggles my mind. I couldn't believe that there were tons of people out there who need music while they engage in thought-heavy activities.

So what's a music-loving student to do when they're gearing up for a big exam and the professor tells them that they can't bring their cell phones into class, not even for music?

Because kids these days get really crafty when it comes to cheating, something physics teacher Eric Saueracker is well aware of. So he banned them.

But he couldn't have predicted that one student would show up to class with an old-school record player to blast some Kanye West while getting his midterm on.

I guess because vinyls making a comeback and more people have record players in their homes, this crafty student brought this instead of, I don't know, a CD player or even a tape deck.

But he didn't let anything stop him from playing 'The College Dropout' in class. I know, he couldn't pick a more perfect album, right?

And yes, the young student, Wyatt Prutch, reportedly ended up doing well on his test, in case you were wondering.

Twitter applauded the teen's attitude.

While others appreciated the fact he was keeping it old school.

Technically, he was thinking inside the box. The record player is literally a huge wooden box.

There were some people who pointed out that record players could still be used to cheat.

If you're crafty enough.

There were some people who believed the move to be an act of ultimate pettiness. Why else would you go so far to bring music to a class, unless you were trying to technically get around a teacher's rules?

His classroom stunt resulted in some extra swag.

Which he politely declined.

"College Dropout" wasn't the only record he brought with him, either.

Apparently, the test was a long one, so Prutch came prepared.

When there's a will, there's a way.

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