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This Teenager Took His Mom To Prom For A Really Adorable Reason

By Mark Pygas

Prom season is upon us. A time for kids across the country to celebrate the end of an exhausting exam period. And while most teenagers use the opportunity to take a sweetheart of a friend to the party, one senior from Corpus Christi, Texas, is going viral for taking this mom. 

Joe Moreno, 17, explained in a tweet that his mom gave birth to him at 17, and dropped out of school to care for him. Since she never got a chance to go to her prom, Joe decided to ask school staff if he could break the rules when it comes to adults and bring his mother to the dance. And it was the sweetest thing we have seen on Twitter in a very long time. 

Here are some photos of the pair at the senior Collegiate High School prom last week.