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Source: Twitter

Trump Planted A Tree With The President Of France And It Got Weird Fast

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

In the opinion of some, Donald Trump can be an extremely awkward human being — and he seems to have only gotten more awkward since entering the White House. 

His inability to act like a normal human being is especially on display when he hosts a world leader, and the two are thrust in front of a million cameras capturing the interactions. We get that posing in front of a bunch of cameras can be unsettling, but we expected more from a reality star turned president. Remember that uncomfortably long hand shake with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which lasted 19 seconds? In that amount of time you can take and upload a selfie or add a few songs to your Spotify playlist. Honestly, we still cringe watching the now viral moment  — nearly two years later. 

Like, we said, he is just very, very awkward.

Don't believe us yet? Watch this clip where he seems to be completely ignoring Angela Merkel's suggestion of a handshake, because you know, diplomacy is overrated: