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Source: Getty

21 Moments From Coachella Nobody Told You About

By Pippa Raga

Over the last two weekends, we all sat in awe while Beyonce rebranded Coachella into Beychella. From General Admission to Free IP (aka the YouTube live stream), the world was able to witness the most exciting performances in real time. Coachella happens less than Fashion Week, but more than Christmas, giving festival goers and celebrities the option to fully indulge in the desert. The VIP area (complete with golf carts and craft services) is a good place to see industry heavyweights unplugged and up close.  

Here are a few of the hottest, most iconic, moments from off stage that made us all a little sad we missed the history making desert fantasy that was Coachella 2018.

1. Rihanna and Teyana Taylor

The desert is a mystical place. After years of rumored feuding, like the dust, the past blows away.