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Source: Craigslist

This Is The Most Honest And Compelling Ad For A Toyota Corolla You Will Ever Read

By Aimee Lutkin

One of the most underrated advertising techniques out there is pretty basic. It's called honesty. Right now, people are clamoring to buy a simple 1999 Toyota Corolla because of an ad posted on Craigslist that cuts right through the flowery language.

Source: Craigslist

The advertiser is based in Houston, and they're asking $2,500 for a car that won't quit. In their epic post, they get into all the reasons you should pony up the dough—this car is boring, basic, and can't be killed. Buckle up, and find yourself desperate for a Toyota as you read their perfect copy:

You want a car that gets the job done? You want a car that's hassle free? You want a car that literally no one will ever compliment you on? Well look no further.

The 1999 Toyota Corolla.