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Girl Surprises Prom Date By Walking On Her Own For The First Time In 10 Months



Prom is a highlight of every teen's life. The dress, the corsage, the date — but sometimes it's the little things, like walking or dancing, that matter the most during major milestones and are often taken for granting. 

A girl name Morgan has everyone weeping over her strength and perseverance with a video that shows her surprising her prom date with her ability to walk on her own. Morgan has been using crutches for the last 10 month as she recovers from surgery, and she greets her date standing up straight on her own. Now, this might seem like totally normal to most people, but Morgan has spent most of the past year dependent on crutches — and her date has the best reaction. 

She takes a few a few steps towards him, and you can almost see the moment his brain breaks when he realizes what's happening:

Not a dry eye in the house.

Look at these two:

Morgan has gone semi-viral before with her story of meeting "guardian angels" who comforted her after her surgery and subsequent physical therapy. Physical therapy can be very grueling. After one session, Morgan writes she went to get food with her mom and met two strangers who prayed over her. She swears it was great and not creepy at all!

Morgan obviously found comfort from the encounter, and she's kept going. What she did on prom night was super hard and must have required a lot of work. But her night wasn't over—she was also awarded Prom Queen:

Everyone loves Morgan's story and her date's delayed reaction to what he's seeing when the door opens:

And a few people are inspired by her recovery because they're doing the same thing:

I think we're all crying now.

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