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Source: Getty

Joel Embiid's Out Of The NBA Finals But His Social Media Presence Keeps on Giving


Joel Embiid has emerged as one of the hottest social media commodities in all of athletics. He is funny, engages with pop culture, active on his own social media, and it doesn’t hurt that his team—the Philadelphia 76ers—was one of the hottest teams in the NBA this season after years of “tanking” for high draft picks. Even though he missed 2+ seasons because of an injury, his talent and charisma kept him front and center.

One of the first things that endeared Embiid to commentators, fans, and non-fans alike was his crush on pop star Rihanna. Embiid famously asked Rihanna out for a date repeatedly beginning in 2014 and the pop star responded she’d say yes when he made an NBA All Star team. It has since become the stuff of legend. The entire “affair” has been documented at length. It wasn’t long before the media bit on the story as well.

Source: ESPN