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Source: Facebook

A Black Grad Student Stood Up To Campus Police After Being Reported For Napping

By Aimee Lutkin

If you've heard a lot of stories lately about white people calling the police to interrogate people of color for seeming "suspicious," it's not because it's suddenly happening a lot. It's because people are sick of letting it go. These things have been happening a long time, and just reporting them is making white people realize what a common occurrence it is for people of color just trying to live their lives.

One of the most recent cases happened Monday evening at Yale, when officers were called on a black graduate student named Lolade Siyonbola, who had fallen asleep in the HGS common room. Siyonbola posted a video of the encounter on her Facebook page, naming the woman who allegedly called the Yale police on her as Sarah Braasch, who she claims called the police on a friend of her before, who was lost in the building: