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Source: iStock

These Recipes From Kids Will Make Your Stomach Hurt From Laughing

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

Kids say the darndest things and cannot be trusted with fire, so they make bad people to follow in the kitchen. But we still love hearing their ideas about food, because they're so imaginative. Food is more a supply from the craft store than something you would eat.

That's why it's no surprise that some restaurants ban kids who are under 5 years old, and despite some backlash, business boomed for the venue. Which says a lot about mixing kids with food in public. 

So, when one teacher asked her young students to come up with their own recipes it was dangerous for the digestive system but good for laughs. Twitter user Jordan Adams shared a cookbook from his nephew's pre-k class, and they're the perfect example of the delirious minds that want to serve you actual mud pies: