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This Teacher Corrected The Grammar Of A Letter From Donald Trump And It's Hilarious


Yvonne Mason is a 61-year-old former high school English teacher who retired in 2017. But she still keeps busy. A viral Facebook post from Mason shows that paper-grading is a fever you never recover from. Mason has written a letter to the White House requesting Donald Trump visit families affected by the Parkland shooting.

“I had written to them in anger, to tell you the truth,” she told the New York Times. “I thought he owed it to these grieving families.”

She received a response, but says it in no way addressed any of the concerns she'd offered in her letter. Mason is a bit of a veteran letter writer, and has addressed her concerns through the mail to various government representatives. She says the replies have all struck a tone that made her think the writers were interested in what she had to say as a constituent.

So, Trump's letter failed to please. She got out her highlighter and pen and started marking away, writing things like, “Have y’all tried grammar & style check?” and “Federal is capitalized only when used as part of a proper noun," and “OMG this is WRONG!” 

That last one is something we're all regularly shouting.