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People Are Calling Out How Folks React When They Explain Their Jobs



Have you ever told someone what you do for a living and discovered they have a lot of crazy ideas about your work flow? A lot of jobs seem straightforward, but if you haven't done them, you probably shouldn't assume you know what they're like. 

This long Twitter chain shows that most of the world is determined to be oblivious, and drag us all with them. It's kind of a nesting doll of rude things to say to someone after they open up to you. First people share what they do for a job, then they get the most common response. Like comedian Josh Gondelman, who indicates that when he tells people he's professionally funny, they try to make him laugh. With racism!

On the scale of annoying things, that's pretty bad. But lots of people's had stories about ways people annoy them, or hit them up for free labor.

It helps if you don't have a job anyone understands.

Unless them not understanding is the problem.

What is the difference between a restaurant critic and a food writer??

Lots of people have work advice for the industry they don't understand.

Or think it's like what they've seen in films.

Or mistake their opinions for your opinions.

Even about things you literally have a degree in.

Some people actually do want your opinions, which is refreshing, but can you really give them the answers they seek?

Especially if they're confusing you for someone else.

This particular story about having a PhD in pornography is actually a bit outside of most people's experience, actually.

But the chain started with this chemist, who tries to make their job more relatable by comparing themselves to the most famous chemist on TV:

Honestly, if you have a character n TV who you can compare yourself to, it's a mixed blessing. 

Everyone will (again) assume you live a much more glamorous life than you do, which is frustrating, but it also makes things a bit easier to explain.

You do what?

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