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Source: Pexels

Burger King Accused Of Sexism For Weird Pregnancy And World Cup Promotion


Futbol is not as wildly popular in the U.S. as is it is in most other countries, but we still know it's the World Cup. We have united on our little planet to watch men kick a ball across an enormous field into giant nets, and it feels great. 

It's also a great advertising opportunity. Everyone is being held captive in front of their TVs, reading about the World Cup online, and probably ordering a lot of take out. Brands are super hyped up about it, and that excitement led to a real lapse in judgement at Burger King. Burger King in Russia, to be specific. 

The Associated Press reports that BK was running an ad that stated they'd give free burgers to women who got “the best football genes” in order to “ensure the success of the Russian team for generations to come.” With a picture of a pregnant woman to accompany it. You know what that means.