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Source: truTV

This New Game Show Is Trying to End the Student Debt Crisis

By Anna Quintana

Forget winning a free car or spinning a wheel of prizes. A new game show called Paid Off is targeting millennials the best way it knows how — by promising to pay off contestants' student loans. Each episode of Paid Off will give three college graduates the chance to say goodbye forever to Sallie Mae by showing just how much they learned from their time on campus. The game show will put debt-saddled grads through the ringer with out-of-the-box trivia challenges such as guessing which characters are from the movie Goodfellas or Thomas & Friends — sorry Jay, Copa Captain is not an animated tank engine's friend — or correctly identifying classic works of art that have been reimagined by five year olds. 

"My show is the only game show working to end the student debt crisis," host and creator Michael Torpey said in a trailer for the truTV show. "The more you know, the less you owe." Where do we sign up? 

Keep scrolling below for everything you need to know about Paid Off  before it premieres tonight, July 10, at 10 p.m. on truTV!