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Source: Twitter/iStock/Distractify

8-Year-Old Girl Donates Life Savings and Gets an Unexpected Reward


Most days, the news is riddled with depressing insanity that has me reaching for the remote control to change the channel to reality TV or Law and Order reruns. But every so often, there’s a story so heartwarming and uplifting that it makes me stop everything and appreciate the generosity and kindness of some of my planetary roommates.

Today, it was the story of an 8-year-old girl who had been saving up for four years to buy a bicycle. Anupriya, a second grader in Villupuram, India, has spent half of her life putting away her pocket money in five separate piggy banks with the dream of one day cycling around the city. 

She started when her father taught her the importance of saving four years ago, which prompted Anupriya to immediately start collecting RS 5 coins and putting them away in her piggy banks. She continued steadfast until she had acquired a tidy sum of RS 9,000 (around $130), which she had intended to use to buy herself a new bicycle.