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Source: gofundme

Couple Who "Stole" Funds From Homeless Man Will Be Forced to Pay Him Back


The saga of Johnny Bobbitt and the couple who needed gas money has been filled with twists and turns that are fit for an AMC drama side plot that spans an entire season. And now, it looks like it's reached a shocking, and thrilling conclusion.

Because as it turns out, Mark D'Amico and Kate McClure never needed money for gas in the first place. They needed a conspirator, and that person was Johnny Bobbitt. The story was fabricated as a long con for all of them to hoodwink members of the general public into giving them money for Bobbitt's "good deed."

But now all three of them are facing charges of conspiracy and theft by deception for their joint effort in concocting the hoax. Mark and Kate turned themselves into authorities, but Bobbitt still hasn't been apprehended.