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Source: istock/distractify

11 People Attempt to Explain Their Most Insane Paranormal Encounters ...with THEMSELVES


Well, I'll be damned. Just when I thought I'd scraped the bottom of the internet when it comes to paranormal reality and overlapping dimension stuff, it turns out (thanks, internet!) that I was just getting started.

There are a lot more people out there spotting difficult-to-prove versions of themselves and their friends, and the stories are truly freaky! 

Below, 11 different people try to explain how they stepped out of reality and into a dimension where they spotted themselves or their friends, and no one's really sure how to make sense of it.

1. This story gives me goosebumps.

Source: istock
"I was working as a project manager for an accounting software company. My team had been working with a very difficult client for months ... every time we submitted our work, the client decided that they wanted more, they wanted less, they wanted this changed or that changed. We would make suggestions that they ignored, we would submit again and they would then decide they liked our suggestions. It was dragging on far too long and my team was getting fatigued.
At this same time, my mother's health was failing. She was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer and had about 5 months to live, as it turned out. So I stopped at her house on my way home every day to spend time with her and check on her. She was a feisty old broad, so she took care of herself until she had to start hospice care 3 days before she passed.
So one day at work, my team submitted our latest coding and sent it off to our client. It was a Friday, so I told my team that if this latest work was finally accepted, we would all be leaving work as soon as we heard the good news. And we all sat back and waited. Miracle of miracles, we got that call before noon and our job was finally done. (For the record, our software had gone full circle and was 99% the same as our first submission. But whatever. I don't hold a grudge.)
So we left early that day ... just before lunch. Which was pretty much unprecedented. And I drove to my mom's. After some time I had found the ultimate best route from work to Mom and never varied my route.
I spent several hours with my mom that day and we had a glorious time. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I really felt like our time together that day was significant and blessed.
As it turns out, I ended up leaving her house at about the same time I usually left work. To get home I virtually had to pass my office so I used the same route as when driving from work to mom's only in reverse.
I was slowing down for a stop sign about 10 minutes into the trip home, when I noticed a car stopping at the opposing stop sign. It was exactly like MY car. At the time, I drove a 2003 Pontiac Aztek. Yep ... that sad little car that was cool for a minute before it was blown up in Breaking Bad. And my car was absolutely filthy as I just didn't have the time to deal with it. The car opposing me? Same model, same year, same filth. I even noticed the same dent on the driver's side rear panel.
Of course I was curious, so as we passed each other, I checked out the driver. She looked exhausted and sad. She stared straight ahead so she never saw me. And she was me. Same hair, same face, same hands on the same places on the steering wheel. I was driving PAST MYSELF. I was going home, but I was also driving to my mom's at the exact time I did virtually every other day. THAT poor version of me apparently was still being yanked around by a difficult client and was feeling the stress and strain of another hard day, while THIS version of me was finally done and had a great day with my mom.
I saw the car in my rearview mirror as I realized I had instinctively started to brake. But almost immediately the other car turned a bend and was gone. I was shaken so I pulled over to get my wits back. I kept telling myself I couldn't have seen what I saw. That it just had to be some crazy coincidence. But I knew better.
When I got home, I called my mom. I acted cool, like I just wanted to tell her I got home safe. She wasn't at all surprised by my call, so I knew that I wasn't sitting there talking to her, but there was no question in my mind that I had just witnessed something extraordinary."

- niknamy_nikname_face