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Source: getty

'Jeopardy!' Fans Are Really Digging Alex Trebek's Drastic Makeover


It's difficult to imagine Jeopardy! without its iconic host, Alex Trebek, but can you imagine him with a beard? The classy host can rock a suit like nobody's business and manages to maintain equanimity in such a high-stakes game. It's difficult to think that Alex will ever have a replacement because he is pretty much a perfect gameshow host. As far as I'm concerned, he deserves every penny of his net worth.

Or maybe he's the ideal gameshow host because he's Alex Trebek? Maybe our idea of the man as our patron saint of trivia-knowledge TV is something that he invented and established in our collective social consciousnesses?

Because he's such a fixture in our minds, it's kind of difficult for fans to fully grasp whenever he switches up his look, which he doesn't do often. And that's exactly what happened when the TV staple up and grew a beard.