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Source: Twitter/Distractify

Dad Hilariously Trolls Bride-to-Be During Surprise Engagement Photoshoot

By Mustafa Gatollari

Although I don't have any scientific evidence to prove the hypothesis I'm about to propose, it's a very well-known "fact" that whenever someone officially becomes a father, they can't help but do their darnedest to embarrass their children, just like Allison Barron's dad did on the day of her engagement.

I know when my kids were born, in addition to the primal love that was instantly activated in some corner of my brain, a penchant for lame jokes that'll be sure to get their eyes rolling for years to come was turned on as well.

Now the thing is, these corny gags, puns, and awful quips will come out at the worst possible moments. My son says, "I'm hungry." I say, "Hey Hungry, I'm Dad." It's just awful.