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Source: istock/distractify

15 Real-Life Paranormal Encounters That Will Make You Shriek


If you're counting down the days to Halloween, we've got you covered. We've written about controversial kids' outfits, costumes that should have never been made, debunked superstitions and even terrifying text messages from the dead, so we can assure you it's one of our favorite holidays too.

Today, we bring you some real-life scary stories. These redditors shared the creepiest, most inexplicable paranormal things that happened to them, and honestly, we might never sleep again. Or at least we'll leave the lights on.

Scaredy-cats, beware.

1. "What friend?"

Source: istock
My brother and I were home alone one night watching TV. My mother was working a night shift and father was out.
Father came home and pushed the door ajar and poked his head through to say hello, we both turn around and say hello back, father closed door.
Thirty seconds after, another man opens the door to say hello, we both turn around and say hello back, man closes door.
We assume a friend of my father has come back to the house too.
Anyway about five minutes later I head into the kitchen where my father was, making dinner or whatever and I’m expecting to see his friend again. I see that he’s alone making dinner and assumed his friend was upstairs in the bathroom.
I ask my father who his friend is.
My father looks at me and asks me, “What friend?”
I reply, “The guy who came back with you”
Dad looks at me thinking I’m some sort of weirdo.
He says “I came back home on my own”.
Biggest whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! I’ve ever experienced. My brother was freaked out to the max.
Remembering the man's face, he was pale looking and bright white hair.

- ZPM89.