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Source: istock/distractify

These Things Are So 2000 You'll Have to Check Your Calendar to See What Year it Really Is


It might take you a second to recall, but do you remember where you were about fifteen years ago today? Stuck in 2003, that's where. 

Back then, the internet was a budding resource we were all just starting to get familiar with, and between AIM statuses, Myspace Top 8s, Neopets, and Limewire, we were definitely taking no prisoners.

But there were also tidbits of IRL nostalgia too, like shopping for books at Barnes and Noble, or actually buying these CDs that only had 12 songs at Sam Goody (RIP). 

Dave Stopera took to Twitter to commemorate the long-gone days of yesteryear when he posed a question that would quickly go viral and have people from all corners of the web sharing where they were in the mid-2000s.

He asked, "What's the most mid-2000s thing you ever did?" And even delighted the internet with his anachronistic response: "Mine was use an iTunes code from the cap of a Mountain Dew Code Red to download a Bloodhound Gang song."

Well, well, well. While a plastic soda bottle with a download code is pretty spot on, other people had equally relatable memories that couldn't have occurred at any other time than the mid aughts.

Take a scroll down memory lane with these extremely mid-2000 occurrences.