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Source: istock

A Teen Baked Her Grandfather's Ashes into Cookies and Fed Them to Her Class


The "fine line" saying is one that certainly gets abused all too often, and in the case of this classroom prank involving sugar cookies, I'd say it's totally inappropriate. 

I don't think that there's a "fine line" between love and hate. When you love someone then you're going to do anything you can to help them.

Sure, you might "hate" it when they commit destructive behaviors or go out of their way to ruin their lives when it's very clear that they should make better decisions, but you don't ever hate the person if you love them, because, you know, love and hate are total opposites. That's like saying there's a fine line between being dry and wet. Either you're wet or you're not.

I'd argue that the same exact logic can be applied to pranks, there's no "fine line" between a prank being harmless fun and going way too far to the point where it causes long-term psychological and emotional harm.