Let Riley Diary Serve as Your 2018 Budget Costume Inspiration

This nine-year-old's creative and affordable costumes are stunning us all — check out Riley Diary.


Mar. 21 2019, Updated 1:41 p.m. ET

With 40k Instagram followers and over 10k YouTube subscribers under her belt, 9-year-old Riley isn't exactly new to the whole influencer thing. The Australian mini-star and her father Rhett are the powerhouse duo behind Riley Diary, the moniker under which Riley has been sharing video and photo creations over the past four years.

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When she started posting on YouTube at the age of 5, she became widely recognized for her impressive trick shots, DIY crafts, and other comedic content. On April Fool's Day two years ago, the then-7-year-old even pranked the world into thinking she was playing Chrissy Teigen in a biopic. 

And while glamorous unboxing videos and Facebook updates about a potential part in a real feature film lead me to believe Riley has accomplished more in her nine years than I have in my almost-thirty, I'm here to highlight a very specific aspect of Riley's impeccable content: her creative budget costumes.

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Together with her father, it seems this fourth grader has come up with artistic, glamorous and, admittedly, cheap ways to pay tribute to her favorite pop icons. 

Just take her commendable impression of Lil Tay, which she achieved quite painlessly and without breaking the bank thanks to angel hair pasta she probably had lying around the kitchen. 

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And child icons aren't the only stars this tween wants to honor with Instagram recreations. Riley also emulates bigger household names, like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj. 

There's no denying this girl is totally inspired, and I'll concede, totally deserving of her more-than 40K followers. It also helps that her captions are simultaneously sharp and adorable. 

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Sure, you'll find a couple of "Who wore it better?" tags, but I love when she opts for a cute pun. Like, when she captioned Nicki Minaj's headshot "On my broccoli 😂" or when she wrote "Wrapped with my new outfit 😂" below this Kim Kardashian gem. My favorite part of it all is how the emojis suggest she's cracking herself up. We're right there with you, Riley.

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Just imagine hitting the streets to trick-or-treat in such a show-stopping disguise! As you try to narrow down your Halloween mood board for the perfect outfits for you and your children, look no further than Riley's page for celebrity costume inspiration.

As for how this hilarious project even came to be, Riley's father opened up to Distractify about the pair's inspirations.

"We were watching a TV show here in Australia and it featured Celeste Barber, a comedian I had not heard of, so I looked up her IG channel and found her re-creation photos and thought it looked like fun," the stage-dad told us.  

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If the name Celeste Barber rings a bell to you, these inspired celebrity recreation photos are definitely how you know her. Celeste's recreations of J.Lo and Rihanna make for a hilarious lineage to Riley's. 

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The dad-daughter team decided they'd make this project a family weekend activity, and quickly realized they'd never run out of funny content to create. "After a search online for 'best and worst dressed celebrities' I quickly realized the inspiration would be endless," he told us exclusively. "We just had to pick images that it was possible to recreate with simple household items."

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So take notes, parents and kids who think the only way to end up with an Instagram-friendly costume is to drop a pretty penny at Party City.

Riley is living proof that you can use things from around the house to dress up as pretty much anyone you want. In this Michelle Waterson costume, she's also "proof that vegetables give you muscles 💪 🥔 😂," according to her cheeky caption.

And dad Rhett assures us no props from Riley's shoots go to waste. "FYI all the food used in photos was still eaten afterwards :)" he added at the end of an email. 

It's clear that no matter what they end up using for props, they definitely find innovative ways to recycle. And we're really grateful they do, because these costumes are giving us life and we would definitely wear these colored pencils on our faces while attempting to bob for apples. Wouldn't you?

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Will you choose to buy a store-made costume or create one yourself this year? Share your family's costume creations on our Facebook page. We'd love to see them.

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