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Source: Instagram

Let Riley Diary Serve as Your 2018 Budget Costume Inspiration

By Pippa Raga

With 40k Instagram followers and over 10k YouTube subscribers under her belt, 9-year-old Riley isn't exactly new to the whole influencer thing. The Australian mini-star and her father Rhett are the powerhouse duo behind Riley Diary, the moniker under which Riley has been sharing video and photo creations over the past four years.

When she started posting on YouTube at the age of 5, she became widely recognized for her impressive trick shots, DIY crafts, and other comedic content. On April Fool's Day two years ago, the then-7-year-old even pranked the world into thinking she was playing Chrissy Teigen in a biopic. 

And while glamorous unboxing videos and Facebook updates about a potential part in a real feature film lead me to believe Riley has accomplished more in her nine years than I have in my almost-thirty, I'm here to highlight a very specific aspect of Riley's impeccable content: her creative budget costumes.