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Source: good morning britain | getty

What Do Offset and Meghan Markle's Dad Have in Common? Horrible Instincts


Meghan Markle's father, Thomas, popped up on an episode of Good Morning Britain to publicly ask his now royal daughter to respond to his texts and calls because he misses his estranged child. It's the kind of thing you'd seen in a low-budget Oscar-season movie hunting for a nomination.

And while everyone loves a great parental redemption story, there was something achingly sad about seeing Papa Marks up on live television, basically begging his daughter to stop "ghosting" him. A sadness that many responded to on social media. An equal number of people, however, thought Thomas' attempt at repairing his relationship with his daughter was better left off-camera, and that Piers Morgan and the GMB crew were being exploitative of Meghan's dad's heartache.

Source: twitter

Morgan took to Twitter to confirm that Markle's dad didn't get paid for the interview, no doubt to contribute to the narrative of the heartfelt nature of his appearance on the show. The fact that he's not getting any cash really shows that he's a dad who misses his daughter. All he wants to have a relationship with her, how sweet.