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Source: twitter

Elderly Man Left 14 Years of Christmas Gifts to His Neighbor Before He Died


Owen Williams from Cardiff, U.K. was fortunate enough to live next to a man who went above and beyond when it came to being a caring neighbor. This became even more apparent to Owen when his dearly-departed elderly neighbor's daughter stopped by to visit in the days leading up to Christmas with a large bag filled with wrapped presents and gifts for Williams' young daughter.

You're probably already saying to yourself, "Geez, I wish I had neighbors like that. All mine do is party all night and let their dog poop in my lawn." I'm not sure if Owen's neighbor was that kind of guy, but by all accounts, I'd bet that he wasn't. At all.

Although the holidays are supposed to be all about feel-good stuff, for some people, it inevitably ends up being the most depressing time of year.

Either they don't experience that feel-good awesomeness for themselves or, because many mainstream news outlets focus on the worst, most depraved things that human society is capable of, they find it hard to access the Christmas spirit.

So if you're feeling particularly Grinch-ish, Owen's story might change your mood. There's something special about the bag of gifts his neighbor got for his daughter, and it's not just the fact he gave them to her from beyond the grave.