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Source: istock

Bride Threatens to Uninvite Guests After They Don't Give Her Cash as an Engagement Gift

By Mustafa Gatollari

Getting married is a big deal, and it can drive people to do some pretty crazy things, like this bride who was flustered by some engagement party guests she threatened to "dis-invite" from her wedding because of the gifts they brought her.

Some people want blowout weddings that cost way more than their budgets should allow. 

It's always been bewildering to me when people who simply can't afford something condemn themselves to a life of financial slavery in order to somehow pay for it.

Weddings seem to do to that to people for some reason. For comparison's sake: if you can't afford a new laptop or cell phone, let's say, you're probably not going to take a loan out to get it. Maybe you wanted to lease a shiny, brand new car with all of the extra features you saw on the commercial. You'll probably just get the model below or bite the bullet and take on a monthly payment while sacrificing other things you'd pay for.

But with weddings, it seems almost socially acceptable for people to amass piles of debt right before they "embark on a new journey" with the love of their life. Never mind the cost of the celebration, though — that'll just magically work itself out, right?

Newsflash though: being an adult means balancing a checkbook, but this woman didn't get the memo.