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Source: getty

Sperm Banks Are Looking for Red-Haired Donors as Demand Soars


Cultural beauty trends come and go. Remember when everyone was obsessed with shoulder pads in the '80s? That was a global phenomenon that I'm really glad went away, because I don't want to feel like I'm a linebacker taking another linebacker out on a date.

Or how about Ohaguro, the act of women blackening their teeth in feudal Japan so their faces looked whiter? Or, more recently, frosted tips and soul patches for dudes in the early 2000s, or gross-looking bright orange shirts and wearing snow googles on your head?

When it comes to "desirable" body parts, figures, or features, new trends are constantly rising. Everyone and their mother is trying to get a huge butt now thanks to the Kardashians — because they made it fashionable. Jennifer Aniston made the "Rachel" haircut and not wearing a bra fashionable. Justin Timberlake briefly made rocking ramen noodles on top of your head cool, too.