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Source: tumblr

Doctor Explains Why They Won't Treat Unvaccinated Children in This Viral Post


It's crazy to even consider, but just mentioning the word "vaccination" on Facebook is sure to start a conflagration of differing ideas, opinions, accusations, junk science article shares, and mountains of anecdotal "evidence" as to why they're just the worst and/or cause autism in children.

This is all in spite of the overwhelming majority of the world's doctors saying they don't.

But there will always be the tin-foil hatters who share conspiracy theories about "big pharma" or whoever, pushing vaccines on our kids as a part of some inimical plot to protect us from diseases and bolster the human population by ensuring more members of our species survive childhood.

And some doctors are done arguing with these people and have elected to not engage anti-vaxxers at all.

They're also done treating them in their private practices. Many pediatricians are implementing new policies stipulating vaccinations are a precursor to being accepted as a patient. If your child isn't vaccinated, the doctor will refuse to treat your child. 

The reasoning behind their refusal isn't just personal preference, either: it's backed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.