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This Woman Beat The Hell Out of A Guy Who Groped Her In An Elevator

By Mark Pygas

Remember the time a guy tried to rape a 21-year-old woman only to come away with a face full of scars after the woman beat his ass? 

Well, it's happened again.CCTV from China uploaded by People's Daily shows a man and a woman alone in an elevator. The guy gets pretty creepy, resting his head on the woman's shoulder and smelling her hair. The woman promptly decides that she's had enough and whoops his ass into the next century...

People on YouTube were pretty impressed with the woman's hardcore moves. "I have literally been pausing the video in intervals of 3 seconds and taking notes. This is the best thing on the internet," one person wrote. 

Another added, "This video makes me so enraged and really happy at the same time. Enraged because there are still tons of guys like this walking around in our streets. We seriously need stronger laws to protect women from these creeps.  Happy because WOW!! This lady REALLY stood up for herself!!  Too many women would be too afraid to stand up for themselves like she did! Imagine if every time a guy would creep on a lady like this, she would straight up deliver a swift kick to the nuts.

One commenter made a good point by saying, "He didn't mess with the 'wrong' woman. What he did was wrong."