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Guy Makes Exploding Package To Get Revenge On Delivery Thief

Guy Makes Exploding Package To Get Revenge On Delivery Thief
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Updated 1 year ago

I've had packages stolen from me before and it's ridiculously frustrating for multiple reasons. One, because no matter how many times I instructed the delivery people via email, online forms, phone calls, and signs in my building to not leave a package without getting a signature, they'd always just leave the box and bounce. 

But that wouldn't be a problem if people just didn't freaking steal. As crappy as it is for the UPS guy to just drop my package and leave, it takes a special kind of crappiness to steal from someone.

Oftentimes, I'd dream up of ways at getting back at package thieves, and it almost always involved fireworks of some kind. You can understand, with a name and religious background like mine, how problematic this is. So I never did it. 

 But at least I'm able to vicariously live through Jaireme Barrow, who fulfilled my lifelong fantasy of hooking small explosives up to a package and scaring the hell out of a thief.

He writes in the video description that he was sick and tired of having his "jeep parts" stolen. So he went and rigged his package up with a blank 12-gauge shell that scared the crap out of the thief.

He built the devices so that it looks like an ordinary box, however inside holds a 12 gauge blank shell attached to plate that holds down the firing pin so that when the package is moved, the blank is fired. He also adds weight to the box to ensure that it doesn't 'accidentally' misfire when moved from normal shifting around.

And for those who question whether or not this is real...it isn't the only thief he's caught. There has been multiple people who've approached his porch trying to take his poor jeep parts. In fact, he's caught 4 in total since deciding he would scare the living crap out of anyone who attempted to lift his stuff. The poor guy below also learned the hard way!

We really, really hope this becomes a thing. Hopefully this deters thieves in the future from making similar mistakes. Barrow has even mentioned he might take his product to the next level and design commercial versions of it. How wild would that be? Would definitely make thieves think twice!

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