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Shia LaBeouf And Jaden Smith Have Started An Anti-Trump Live Video Exhibit That Will Last 4 Years


Shia LaBeouf is known for setting up some pretty amazing and original interactive art exhibits. From watching a marathon of his own films and filming his own reaction, from getting sexually assaulted when he let people share a room with him in silence, the actor has known to go to some pretty great lengths for the sake of making an artistic statement.

And although the former child star has made headlines for the wrong reasons sometimes, I have to admit that the actor has created a pretty amazing career for himself. He's definitely one of the more interesting actors out there and his recent performances in films like American Honey and Fury have proven that the man isn't just a blockbuster leading man, but a hell of an actor.

And his latest exhibit, in the wake of Donald Trump's inauguration makes a strong political statement.

He set up a camera that's on a permanent live feed in NYC, under the simple phrase: "He Will Not Divide Us." With Jaden Smith being the first visitor.