Jimmy Kimmel Asked Couples If They Had Sex Last Night And Their Responses Were Priceless



It's something almost all adult humans do, yet Americans are especially uncomfortable fielding questions about their sex life. (Then again, there are a few other private functions literally every human engages in regularly that we might be equally resistant to discuss in public). 

Well, Jimmy Kimmel used our collective discomfort talking about our sex lives to hilarious effect in a segment where he ambushed couples on the street and asked them not only whether they had sex the previous night but, if they answered yes, asked them to rate how good it was. Talk about awkward!

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As a 30-year-old adult, I've learned to be more open in talking about sex. But that doesn't mean that every time the topic comes up there isn't a young-Muslim version of me in the back of my head that feels awkward and guilty about broaching the subject.

Of course, I know why that is: I was raised my entire life to think that sex is a taboo subject. I don't remember ever discussing it with my parents. My father gets extremely uncomfortable whenever the word is even uttered in his house.

Let's be real: although sex is a huge part of our everyday lives, it's still weird whenever people talk about it, especially on camera.

Which is why this Jimmy Kimmel bit where pedestrians were asked if they had sex the night prior hits so close to home.

You can't help but feel a bit sorry for these people who were caught like a deer in headlights when asked such an intimate question.

It isn't surprising that so many Americans are uptight when it comes to talking about sex.

Source: thefrisky

In a study that surveyed the top sexually satisfied countries in the world, America didn't make the cut. Proving we still have a lot more to learn when it comes to romance.


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