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Model Performs 'Insane' Stunt On Dubai Tower For Instagram Likes


Wow, some people will do anything for the 'Gram but this woman is insane. In a quest for more likes, she did a death-defying stuny on top of a Dubai tower — one of the tallest manmade structures in the world. I get vertigo just looking at these images.

Like many people who love movies, I get super invested in them. This can be a problem because if I'm watching something that's extremely emotional, I get really, really wrapped up in it.

Hell, it doesn't even have to be emotional, it could be something as simple as someone riding a bicycle down a mountain with a GoPro attached to their helmet. You bet I'm going to watch that video and feel every bump going down the mountain.

The worst, however, are stunt videos. When you've got people who are willing to climb up tall buildings or bridges or whatever large-as-hell structure they have no business scaling and they start walking, hanging, jumping, and basically spit in the face of death with every movement they make, you know that's making me nervous IRL.