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Emma Thompson Reveals The Awkward Way Donald Trump Once Asked Her On A Date

Emma Thompson Reveals The Awkward Way Donald Trump Once Asked Her On A Date
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1 year ago

Donald Trump has been married three times and had multiple girlfriends, so it's easy to see why people describe him as a bit of a womanizer. But details have now emerged of one of Donald Trump's failed attempts at romance and people are pretty intrigued by the details.

Emma Thompson, a British actress known for her roles in Harry Potter and Love Actually, appeared on Swedish talk show Skavlan last night and revealed a very strange encounter she had with Donald Trump while filming Primary Colors.

Thompson said that she was in Holywood filming and had just gotten her divorce papers through. 

She was in her trailer when her phone rang, which had never happened before. She picked up the phone and Donald Trump was on the other end. 

She remembered asking: "Really? Can I help you?" 

Trump apparently replied by offering Thompson accommodation in Trump Towers. "They're really comfortable," he added.

Thompson replied by asking: “Why are you offering me somewhere to stay in my trailer? I don’t—what?” 

To which she says Trump replied by asking her out on a date: "Well, you know, I think we would get along very well. I think we could have dinner sometime." 

Thompson explained that she had "no idea" what to do with herself, and said that she'd get back to him. They've never talked since. 

Thompson is now married to actor and producer Greg Wise, but said that she regretted not taking up the offer. "Think of the stories," she joked. 

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