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This Sweet Video Captures The Difference Between How Moms And Kids See the World

This Sweet Video Captures The Difference Between How Moms And Kids See the World
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Updated 1 year ago

I find even twenty minutes of babysitting as draining as having a Soul Eater suck my face, so I can't imagine the deep well of fortitude moms have to draw on every single day as they try to raise decent, kind people while also cleaning up their poop. It's amazing and deserves accolades and appreciation all the time.

Too bad we only have Mother's Day once a year. In honor of the holiday, vlogger Esther Anderson made a very short film about how a "normal day" can seem like one thing to an exhausted parent, but can mean so much more to the children running her ragged.

In the video, the mom is woken up early by her daughter who is scared of monsters, goes through a difficult trip to the grocery store, then sees her trash a sheet cake for no reason. Eventually, a man arrives. Presumably, this man is the woman's life-partner checking in with his women, but he kinda looks like he's there to check the gas levels, if you ask me. Maybe it's a metaphor and he's checking for happiness levels? 

Anyway, the mom recounts the tiring exploits of the day, saying everything was "normal." Then the magical delivery man goes to her daughter's bedroom and asks her about the day she just had. 

We get to see everything from the kid's perspective, and all the petty annoyances fade away. Her day was full of laughter and fun—all because of mom. The video is appropriately captioned, "Your normal may be their magic.”

Anderson is pretty good at making these slice-of-life vids for her YouTube channel Story Of This Life. You can see why they're popular. Most of us live in the boring every day moments, so a chance to see the humor or pathos in doing the laundry, or whatever, is refreshing. But one of her most famous pieces of content will always be this viral video of her daughter cheering herself up by squeezing her baby sister:

Wow. Kids are magic.

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