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Dog Watches Horror Movie And Reacts Exactly As Most Humans Do


 Our pets are part of the family. It's just how it is. We invest so much into them that it hurts when we can't have them around We want them to pretty much be there for every huge moment in our lives.  While some hospitals make exceptions, not many allow cats and dogs to visit their owners, despite the tremendous health benefits.  That even means watching movies with the family, even the really scary ones.

If you haven't seen The Conjuring, then I suggest that you watch it behind your fingers. It's absolutely terrifying. Just ask Khaleesi the bulldog, who recently had the displeasure of watching the movie. But since she's mother of doggos and all, Khaleesi had to do her best to protect all of the potential victims in the movie.

She isn't going to let those scary ghosts get anywhere NEAR her humans. She'll woof them all away from the house instantly.