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31 Animals You Will Want To Pet And Then Hide From

Animals are cute, right? We are all on the same page about that? Because I am not. Yes, I will concede that some animals are cute but plenty of them are just plain weird. 

Like, have you ever seen a squid? Try to tell me that a squid is cute. See? Can't be done. What with their tentacles and ink pouches. They're disgusting! 

Then there are animals that seem to be both cute and creepy. Maybe they have big, loving eyes but they are covered in spikes and teeth. The cuteness does not cancel out the creepiness, nor does the creepiness outweigh the cuteness. It exists as both. Like Schr√∂dinger's cat, which is also cute and creepy. 

1. You're not fooling anyone, snake!
Snake trying WAY too hard to play dead
2. Can scientists undiscover an animal?
The Purple Frog, discovered by scientists in 2003. from awwwtf
3. A yawn more frightening than contagious.
What in the actual fuck!?
4. This is normal.
Giving The Cat A Ride
5. Mr. Fuffles, the Dark Wizard.
Awwww, he's so fluffy! from awwwtf
6. Let us out!
Don't open. Raccoons inside. from awwwtf
7. Stay away!
Mommy and her eggs from awwwtf
8. What could go wrong?
Man's best friend
9. Quaid, start the Reactor!
Not quite what I imagined baby kangaroos would look like from awwwtf
10. What did you expect to happen here?
Kitty sucks on guy's nipple from awwwtf
11. This is why you need to eat slowly.
Hey there little guy, whatcha d-
12. You monsters!
All his friends are dead from awwwtf
13. Sometimes the devil likes to possess my dog.
Sleeping beauty from awwwtf
14. What? You got something to say?
Wolf carrying a moose pup's head.
15. Are we sure those aren't just sea creatures?
Not all baby animals are cute.
16. Thief! Stop him!
Thief doggo making a run for it
17. Don't look. I'm shy!
Title not necessary
18. Yum!
Learning from mommy from awwwtf
19. Um, what?
Oh... from awwwtf
20. Gotta lick the whole thing.
Right in the bone hole
21. Murder Face is a good name.
I am not a cat person, but I own this thing.
22. Are we sure these are the same species?
fat puddle looking cat vs. long giraffe looking cat from awwwtf
23. Surprise!
Where can I get a shirt like that?
24. Yum!
bat licking human hand. from awwwtf
25. We're pals, right?
My dog can't take a hint... from awwwtf
26. A Gold Medalist in Feline Gymnastics.
one of my friend cat from awwwtf
27. Look what I found!
Looks like Lili was a good girl this year and got a teddy bear for Christmas
28. Plenty for everyone!
these kittens look funny [x-post from /r/WTF] from awwwtf
29. That is quite the transformation.
My dog is pretty cute, however when he stuck his face out of my sunroof he looked a little different...
30. What am I?
This Sphinx from awwwtf
31. That is quite the pattern.