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Jimmy Kimmel Live
Roy Moore Challenges Jimmy Kimmel And Quickly Learns Why You Shouldn't Mess With Comedians On Twitter

Like most late night hosts, Jimmy Kimmel has been spending a lot of time talking about Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore. Specifically, Kimmel has been talking about how terrible Moore is based on recent allegations. After sending a comedian down to a Moore campaign stop, Moore decided enough is enough and challenged Kimmel to what seems to be either a debate or a fight. 

Most people know it is never a good idea to pick a fight on twitter with someone whose job it is to take you down, because when you do, things like this happen. 

Now while most people at this point would realize this is not a fight they are going to win and walk away, Moore decided to keep fighting. 

And, of course, Kimmel responded. 

I mean, what else was he expecting? 

On his show later that night, Kimmel provided some additional context and explained exactly what he'd like to do with Roy Moore:

We'll see if Kimmel and Moore ever do meet face to face, but in the meantime, the internet already has some thought on who's winning.