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This Giant Chicken Is Straight Out Of Jurassic Park And People Are Freaked Out

A 2014 study found that Americans consume approximately 21,917,808 chickens per day, which amounts to roughly 8 billion chickens per year. With people only cutting back on red meat and replacing it with our favorite fowl, that number has most likely only gone up by now. Still, regardless of how many chickens you've eaten, you've definitely never seen anything like this.

People couldn't get over how big it is.
To be fair, that is one comically large chicken.
People refused to believe that it was real.
Some think they've seen this chicken before.
Eventually the tweet made its way to people who knew what they were looking at.
Though some still thought the video was fake.
It wasn't.
Colonel Sanders might want to watch his back from now on.

When they were bred for consumption in the US, chickens averaged anywhere from 2 to 4 feet tall. This bird in the video looks like it has another foot on top of that, at least! That is one big bird...literally.