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Model Claps Back At Viral Meme Making Fun Of Her Teeth

A model named Symone Lu clapped back at a guy who tried to make her into an offensive meme. Twitter user @GirlThatsSlim posted photos of Lu that show her with her mouth open and with it closed, and with a young boy reacting with approval to the first image, and confusion and dislike to the second. Lu has very crooked teeth, which is a part of her look and brand, and not something she's embarrassed about. It hasn't stopped her from her success, which she told @GirlThatsSlim in a tweet:

And plenty of people were ready to defend Lu, because let's face it, she's gorgeous!

And Lu had the Vogue receipts for the disbelievers:

She even joined Twitter just to smack this dude down, and suggested everyone follow her on Instagram:

Whatever you say, beautiful:

Thank you @chromat 😌🙏🏻 @voguerunway #lingtings #vogue #voguerunway

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