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Mom Discovers Potty-Training Son's Gross Bathroom Secret, And His Reaction Is Priceless

Anyone with kids knows that raising them is a dirty, dirty process. Right now I'm in the midst of potty training my son. Now peeing in the toilet isn't a problem for him because he's generally great at holding it in and peeing when he gets to a bathroom.

I just wish he wouldn't hide in some corner of whatever house or store he's in every time he has to poop. The little monster treats pooing in the toilet like getting his toenails pulled from his feet. I almost never catch him in the act.

So yes, I get covered with poo and I'm constantly washing it off myself and my son. And before seeing this tweet, I thought that the older he got, the easier it would be to train him out of some pretty gross habits. But it turns out that no: kids just get better and better at hiding how nasty they are with age. Case in point.

Yep, that's right. This 3-year-old kid was pissing his his bedroom drawer and storing it for whatever reason. The kid even tried to blame the family dog, but that face screams he's been caught red-handed. I mean just look at that poor, guilty mug.


People felt bad that the poor kid's piss drawer was ruined after he was outed by his older sister.

The pee-drawer narc said that her mother suspected there was a urinary aroma in the house for a while but just couldn't pin it down, until she eventually did.

Others thought that shaming him for his peeing was the wrong move.

While others had a theory that the dog was behind it the whole time.

What gross things did you or your siblings do as kids?